Sep 23

I Make Games Again

The last one was a fluke, but now I’m really getting into it, making games like I did throughout my childhood. This one is called Wizard Pong, because it involves firing and blocking different spells that fly across the screen. I’ve had a stifled desire to make games for many years, but I finally started …

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Jul 05

I’m A Published Author

As in, not just self-published. The past few months, one of the things I’ve been doing is writing short stories and sending them out, trying to reach a wider audience than I can by posting on my own site. One of those stories struck a nerve. I had the idea of a man meeting his …

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Feb 25

Final Boss Battle: The Level Beyond Numbers

Over the past six months, I’ve been “leaking documents” onto this site, publishing in sections a story called Read If They Get Me. Another set of documents goes up today, which I’m proud and a little sad to announce are the last ones. Part of me wants this to go on forever, but there are …

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Nov 20

Upgrade to Level Three

Once upon a time, a boy decided he would learn everything there was to know. He heard about people reading the encyclopedia from beginning to end, and he became sure that would be the way to acquaint himself with every established fact. The trouble was, he didn’t have an encyclopedia, but he did have wikipedia, …

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Sep 20

Story Level Two Unlocked

The next set of chapters in Read If They Get Me went up today. They give more context for the main character’s life by showing some of the people he used to know. They reveal more about the world these characters live in and what’s keeping it separate from ours. They start with a moving …

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