Feb 11 2012

Book release – Feb 14th!

Eating hearts this Valentine’s Day? Pair it with a side of brains. I’m releasing a new edition of my comedy novel about the zombie apocalypse, under a new title: The Brain Ingredient.

It tells the story of Kaveh, the chef turned zombie who gets brains enough to realize what he is, so he has to decide if he likes it. It’s also the story of Lisa, who thinks she’s prepared for a world where zombies exist, but with everything turning to chaos around her, she realizes she has no clue what “survival” means without everything that defined her life up to that point. There’s courage and carnage, romance and brain eating. What more could you want?

How about a printed copy?

I’m releasing the book for the first time in a real, physical real, printed form. I committed to the digital thing pretty hard, but it’s time to take this story out of cyberspace.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.