Feb 14 2012

The Brain Ingredient On Sale Now

I said the book would be available for sale on Valentine’s Day. I set myself that deadline because I’m a perfectionist and a procrastinator, but eat your hearts out, haters. My book exists.


Here’s a little excerpt to commemorate a holiday where it’s traditional to eat heart shaped things:

Climbing over the twisted corpses, Kaveh crouched over Berman’s remains. A stampede of legs passed him by. He ignored the head as he’d seen so many zombies do. Instead, he jammed his fist into the man’s chest, felt his way between the ribs and ripped out his heart.

He took a bite. It was the first heart he’d eaten, and he was surprised how much he liked it. Blood poured down his sleeve as he squeezed more of it into his mouth.

Bullets came down like rain through the zombie next to him.

The other zombie, a man in a suit like him, ate calmly until one of those bullets went through his head. He fell quietly forward over Berman’s body, dropping a half-eaten calf.

Kaveh reached for the drumstick and noticed he’d been shot in the chest, but there was no pain. He finished eating what was in his hand and stood up, licking the blood off his fingers.