Jan 27 2013

Cheating on This Blog

From the beginning of having my own website at the start of last year, I had a good run of posting in this blog section each month, but I have a confession to make: for years, I’ve also been posting semi-regularly in a separate “professional” blog.

In 2009, Examiner.com was looking for a local contributor with knowledge of both San Francisco and zombies. At the time, I was pretty deep into what became The Brain Ingredient, so I told them I had never been so qualified for a job, and they believed me.

Now, I’ve never had a single day of journalism class, but this was the big time, my first job as a professional writer, and I took it seriously. I stumbled my way through article after article, trying to mimic the work I saw in professional periodicals, and I improved through practice. Maybe my favorite was the one where I wrote collected accounts of every local zombie flashmob I could google a record of.

I’ve made friends through covering events, and it’s motivation to go check out interesting things. It’s a good skill, and I recently got to write an early review of Warm Bodies based on an early screening, while plugging my own book a bit in the process. Based on my journalist-like reputation, I even get a pass into a Zombie Sideshow next week.

Plus, I don’t mean to brag, but since the summer of ’09, after dozens of articles, that blogging gig has earned me in excess of $20, so… in the big leagues now.