Jul 05 2014

I’m A Published Author

As in, not just self-published. The past few months, one of the things I’ve been doing is writing short stories and sending them out, trying to reach a wider audience than I can by posting on my own site. One of those stories struck a nerve.

I had the idea of a man meeting his digitally uploaded self for a long time, started writing it several times, but I didn’t come up with the ending until after attending a transhuman convention early this year, where the main topic was life extension by any means known, and by many yet unknown. I’ve always seen death as inevitable, than inevitability reassuring in a chaotic world, but after hearing so many different longevity propositions discussed, such as consciousness uploading, I started wondering what was the essence of self everyone was so intent on preserving.

Devilfish Review liked what I did with that futuristic end of life identity crisis. Now it’s available to read online.

The deeper question of what makes us ourselves is something I’ve been playing with since The Brain Ingredient. It’s also something I’m trying to get deeper into with a children’s book I’m working on about neurochemistry. Should be interesting. I just can’t resist writing about brains.