May 17 2015

Hired An Artist

I’m making this announcement to… announce that I’ve hired Anthony Pugh to add visuals to the first story of Brain City Heroes.

I post this with mixed feelings because my old friend Jon was helping me out with this, until he got himself a new day job that’s taking up all his time. I feel sorry for him. I know what it’s like to get stuck in an all consuming job. Meanwhile, thanks to the internet, I was able to find a replacement. Check out Anthony’s stuff. He’s really good.

But the deeper mixed feelings I have in hiring anyone are philosophical. I don’t feel comfortable being in charge of anyone else. It’s because I don’t like anyone acting like they’re in charge of me, so I try to return that favor.

I’ve made exceptions in the name of art, the biggest of which was directing The Fifth Element. I wanted that show to happen. I did a lot of work, but nobody could do it all. I delegated the rest to the cast and crew, especially Ralph, who put months into those costumes. Then I stood back and made sure it all got done — with as much fun along the way as possible. It was a lot of responsibility.

Similarly, I can’t draw. When I came up with the idea that this project should involve artwork, I couldn’t do that myself. Now I have an artist again. Like I said, I was hoping to have this story up already, but I’m making progress again. Should be getting closer.

The tipping point, which convinced me to pay for quality work is because the San Francisco minimum wage went up at the start of the month. It’s one of the hikes in the series that threatened to kill Borderlands Books a few months back. Instead, it gives me a little extra money from my day job to pass on to other artists. Pretty cool.