May 31 2015

Actual Thing In May: A Lousy Job… IN SPACE

I’ve worked some lousy jobs to make the rent, and I’ve worked some strange ones. From washing dishes in a restaurant where nobody quite spoke English to cleaning all night on the graveyard shift, one thing all my work for hire has had in common is, there was always a boss somewhere taking care of the rest of the business. I only really knew my part. That could be a relief, or it could be sinister, depending on my outlook.

Brain City Heroes is still awaiting its artwork, but in order to fulfill my new compulsion to put something up every month, I’m switching my planned June story to post before the end of May.

Confined Space is the story of a man with no career options on earth, taking what seems like an exciting opportunity in space. It’s got some parody of the Star Trek optimism, in the vein of Henchman Worries‘s take on James Bond. Rather than what I hope the world could be, I’m projecting my own mundane experience into the future.

I tried to capture the crushing feeling of those jobs I couldn’t stand but couldn’t leave. I wrote a draft of this a while ago, but the twist ending only came out during my recent revisions.

June will see the return of Twilight Zone episodes performed live at The Dark Room. I’m not doing one this year, but Confined Space has some Twilight Zone type elements — low budget space travel and a twist — so it seemed appropriate.