Jan 19 2016

New Year’s Updates

I think it’s pretty clear at this point that I abandoned the Thing a Month plan. It was worth a shot.

I have too many projects with longer term payoffs, but I haven’t fully finished anything lately. Maybe I’ll get to the point where there’s something new I’m able to post each month, but it’ll probably be more of a coincidence than a plan.

In the mean time, I helped assemble a sketch comedy group called We Did a Thing. We started performing over the summer, and I’ve written a bunch of sketches for that. Then we got into SF Sketchfest, which led to a sold out performance last weekend. Plus, we have another show in the works for the end of March. Not bad, considering there are only four of us in the group.

I also joined a new writers group. It existed before, but it’s new to me. I’ve been sharing my new short stories with them, and it’s super helpful to have articulate feedback before I try sending those things off to editors.

I’m trying to have more patience for sending stories out, rather than posting them here after just a few submissions each. According to my research, persistence is an important trait for a writer. Self-publishing really heightened my expectations.

I’ve built several games since Wizard Pong, trying to make new kinds of interactive dramatic scenarios. It’s exciting, considering there are no firm rules for what I’m doing, but it’s not easy building something that complex from the ground up by yourself. I’m not even sure yet how to tell when they’re complete, let alone finished. I’m not the best at the fail faster approach, but I’m learning from my mistakes. I may have something to show off soon.

And I’m in and out of the research trenches for Brain City Heroes, trying to craft the next issue while keeping the science accurate, the characters funny and the complex metaphor of the setting consistent. There’s a long history of neurological discoveries to keep in mind, and whenever I see new ones pop up, I try to update that project’s facebook page, so that has some steady activity.

Finally, something I worked on a very long time ago may soon bear fruit.

Floaters is a sci-fi comedy web series I acted in with some friends, shot in the summer of 2014, and the first few episodes are finally up. I’m not in any of them yet, but they’re funny, the effects are great, and there’s more on the way. I can’t wait to see myself being funny… IN SPACE.