Timothy Kay

My name is Timothy Kay. I make stuff. Enjoy.

I grew up participating in the second generation of the San Francisco counterculture. Through my childhood in the 80’s and 90’s, I watched my city, the home of hippies and weirdos, turn into the heart of Silicon Valley, and I watched it give birth to the new wave of technology which continues to spread across the globe.

In a lifetime of searching for the middle ground of weirdo technologists, I try to see most issues from both sides, like the novel I wrote with both human and zombie protagonists.

I took a web design class once, in 1996, where I wrote a story using the relatively new tool of “hyperlinks.” Since then, the scale of my experiments have grown to include the huge interlinked diary which explores a strange world of technological isolation. Read If They Get Me was featured on the Webfiction World podcast.

My science fiction has appeared in Devilfish Review, Bewildering Stories and a performance of SF Theater Pub.

I’m a founding member of the sketch comedy group We Did a Thing, featured in the “up and coming” section of SF Sketchfest 2016.

I appeared in plays and heckled movies at The Dark Room Theater from 2008 to 2015. Highlights included adapting and directing a stage version of The Fifth Element in 2012, playing “Tony the Finger” in a comedy of The Shining, playing Henry Hill in Goodfellas and just Bad Movie Night in general. I also adapted and starred in Ghostbusters there, adapted several Twilight Zone episodes and got to play Rod Serling on stage.

The opposite of highlights from the Dark Room include trying to heckle The Chronicles of Riddick, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and any other movie chronicling a story that didn’t know when to stop.

From 2009 to 2015, I reported any news I could find of zombies in San Francisco for

I’ve been a competitive air guitarist since 2011 and have qualified for the 2013 Western Semifinals and the 2014 Northwest Semifinals.

Lately, I’ve been teaching myself a little programming, still looking for new ways to build stuff and reach people. I made a couple of simple games, but I’m working on new ways of making storytelling interactive by bringing deeper narrative elements into my upcoming projects. Stay tuned to see how well that turns out.