Ace Telcholine

Ace ColorEvery super team needs a strong guy, and the Brain City heroes have Ace Telcholine. Ace’s strength comes from from all the hard work he does sending trains of muscle traffic down the long tracks into the body, and the golden amulet around his neck can capture the essence of a memory or idea.

He’s also the nerd of the group, spending his free time studying at the Hippo Campus. He’s always ready with some obscure fact about different parts of the city. When Dopa gets into a fight, it’s usually Ace’s fists which will end it.

The chemical acetlycholine was the first neurotransmitter ever identified by science. It maintains sensory attention and triggers muscle contractions, but it has a paradoxical relationship with memory, suppressing recall while helping to create new memories.

The chemical structure of acetylcholine

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