Dopa Mean

Dopa ColorDopa Mean is the comic relief of the bunch. He’s impulsive, always jumping from one goal to another, and his superpower lets him charge up whoever he touches with excitement using from his glowing red hands.

He’s a chubby guy with a black leather jacket and messy red hair. He’s also the cheerleader of the group, pushing them to get involved when people like Nora are too worried about potential consequences. In combat, his power has caused hired thugs to leave the fight, suddenly more interested in spending the up front half of their wages than endangering themselves earning the back end half. He ends up getting in lots of fights, though he usually needs his friends to bail him out before things are done.

He works sometimes in the Straight ‘Em Depot, sending muscle signal trains down the long tracks into the body.

The chemical dopamine is a key part of the reward system of the brain, releasing in anticipation of and as a response to things like food, sex and drugs. It’s often associated with the physical aspects of addiction. It also releases in the motor cortex to guide coordination in pursuit of physical goals.

The chemical structure of dopamine

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