Nora Drenaline

Nora ColorNora Drenaline is the most disciplined one of the group. Her power is a bright beam from her hands that creates focus, but too much of that beam can also create stress.

She tries to keep everything under control, wearing her dark hair in a tight bun and snug clothes with no extra material to get in her way. As an agent of focus, Nora always worries, trying to anticipate crises before they happen. She’s often the first on the scene when something goes wrong. Trouble is, she anticipates so many problems that don’t happen, she ends up stressing everyone else out, just like her power.

The chemical noradrenaline, also known as norepinephrine, functions as a neurotransmitter to create focused attention, help with learning and affect moods. It also works in the bloodstream, increasing heart rate.

Chemical structure of noradrenaline

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