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Jul 15 2015

First “Issue” of Brain City Heroes Now Available

My comic-booky story about super heroes battling stage fright from the inside is up at last. I wanted to post it months ago. Inside Out is already released. There’s common ground, but in all the time I spent researching this project, I was able to find nothing like what I’ve created, an adventure story which …

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Jun 16 2015

The Market For Brain Stories

I’ve been teasing this for a while, but the art is almost finished. The first story of Brain City Heroes is coming. In the mean time, to quote David Byrne, “Well, how did I get here?” One of the first big writing projects I self-published was The Brain Ingredient, about the connection that remains between …

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May 17 2015

Hired An Artist

I’m making this announcement to… announce that I’ve hired Anthony Pugh to add visuals to the first story of Brain City Heroes. I post this with mixed feelings because my old friend Jon was helping me out with this, until he got himself a new day job that’s taking up all his time. I feel …

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May 01 2015

May: Brain City Heroes

I want to make neuroscience more exciting, so I’m launching a new site, Brain City Heroes, which will be the home for a series of stories about superheroes inspired by neurotransmitters, like Sera Tonin and Dopa Mean. The first story is almost ready, but I’m launching the website today, because it’s May, and I post …

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