My contribution to SF Theater Pub’s “Pub From Another World” event, The Progress of Perception:

Video of a play I adapted from an old Twilight Zone episode, starring Jon Bailey, Matt Gunnison and Peter Kim. Directed by Dan Foley:

…followed by part 2 of the same performance:


The promo video for the 2011 Star Trek play, in which I played Mister Spock:


Also, I once spliced together two 1980’s Matthew Broderick characters into a single hacker, who erases absences and gets kids out of summer school. Then he convinces the WOPR it’s time to play a game: global thermonuclear war, but what’s Ferris Bueller really after?


And this is still probably the most viewed thing I ever put on the internet, because it’s nine seconds long and stars Keanu Reeves.

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