Wizard Pong

You have been challenged to a duel by a rival spell caster.

Defeat them, and the stakes become higher, with faster play and more magical powers available.

Basic Controls:

The left and right arrow keys position your hand to cast or block spells.

Spacebar begins a new battle, or pauses and resumes the current one.

Level 1 Spells:

[F] shoots a magical fireball from your hand.

[S] turns your hand into a shield which can swat away any attack.

[H] heals some of the damage to your health.

Added at Level 2:

[D] drains the magic power of your enemy and transfers some of it back to you. Destroy them using their own power!

[A] casts a magical armor all around you, which decreases the effects of magical attacks.

Added at Level 3:

[W] sends a drop of water flying from your hand, which will cancel out any fire it encounters.

Added at Level 4:

[E] summons a knife to fly at your enemy, where its sharp edge does extreme damage, if their magical armor is down.

Added at Level 5:

[R] shoots a freezing chunk of ice which drains both health and magic. Destroyed by fire, but water makes it stronger…

Added at Level 6:

[Q] causes the next spell you cast towards your enemy to travel more quickly and do more damage, but it will also use up more of your magic energy. Can be cancelled by pressing [Q] again.

Stone floor image: Black stone wall (flash) by Iwan Gabovitch, used with minor alterations
Parchment image by pieceofeightdotcom
Both are licensed under Creative Commons

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