[The world's smallest air guitarist]

I am the number Kay, reaching out to you from beyond the screen. I'm a writer. I make games, and I used to do theater shows in tiny venues. Now I pay the bills working at a bunch of large venues.

I've had a lot of jobs over the years to support my creativity: dish washer, retail shipping and all kinds of warehouses. I've driven forklifts, been a notary, and I once spent six months behind the drive-through window at a Wendy's, saving up to move back to the Bay Area.

That's where I live, with my wife and a tuxedo cat. I was born here too, at what's now called "Zuckerburg" San Francisco General Hospital. Since then, I've watched the home of hippies and weirdos become the heart of Silicon Valley, where big tech sees everyone as nothing but numbers on a balance sheet.

I took a web design class once, in 1996, back when the internet promised to create an open system of free association and creativity. Now we have a web where even personal websites use corporate templates. That's why I created this website -- this abandoned interactive TV kiosk -- as much by "hand" as possible.

I tend to stay off social media, but I've been on Mastodon for a long time and try to post at least once a year. My email address, if you want to reach out, is only visible with javaScript enabled.

My given name is Timothy Kay, but there are quite a number of those. I hope my work here will help you remember that each of us "numbers" is still an individual.

This program was brought to you today by the number Kay.

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