Scribblings not contained in the surveillance log

These pages are a part of something I believe is important to preserve and present in a digital form. When I first came across the pages you find here, they were loose, torn out of the notebook they were written in, and totally out of order.

I quite liked the process of piecing events together, trying to make sense of things I was only vaguely aware of at the time, so I have recreated some of that experience. Nothing has been omitted, but various textual enhancements, such as time stamps and street views, have been added to provide a bit of context.

To help navigate the sequence of things, the pages are interlinked by narrative connections and divided into groups by the general level of the narrator's involvement. I have added my personal notes where appropriate, but who I am and how these pages came into my possession isn't important. I'm simply someone with an interest in making sure this content is widely available.

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Notebook background image by Number Kay

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