Brain City is a place inside all of us -- a complex and chaotic metropolis, where the senses are huge highways bringing in a constant traffic of information, and where memories and ideas form out of the endless labyrinth of streets.

In "Brain City Heroes," a team of four superheroes, each with their own goals and style, must work together to protect the city from dangers like hunger, sleep and embarrassment. By their powers combined, you are a thinking, feeling human being. That is, I assume you're human, if you're reading and understanding this.

It features the artwork of Anthony Pugh, author of Kid Buster.

It was intended as a series of adventures inspired by the science of neurochemistry, but only one story was finished and illustrated. I continue to present it here as "Issue #1."

Issue #1: Stage Fright - When the city needs to give a speech, the gang battles its mounting feelings of insecurity alongside Nora’s cousin, Epi A. Drenaline.

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